Participate in Research!

Trend Research regularly invites members of the general public or those within certain industries or occupations to participate in market research studies. On an ongoing basis, we look for people who would be interested in participating in focus groups, website testing, online interviews, panels or online focus groups. These research sessions are informal discussions in which you are asked to give your honest opinions about the topic issue. Focus groups or interviews usually last one to two hours, depending on the format. Individuals often receive a cash honorarium or other gifts as a token of appreciation for their time and participation in the research.
Invitations will be sent by email to participate in a research project. Please follow the instructions provided in the email to see if you will be eligible for that project. If you are selected to participate, the research interviewer will give you all the details about the session and then email you a confirmation letter prior to the group. If you are not selected for this particular group session, your name will stay on the database and a research associate will contact you prior to the next session.
You may be also be asked to participate in an online survey from time to time. These surveys tend to be fairly short. You will not be compensated for taking part in these, unless otherwise stated. They are completely voluntary and we do appreciate your involvement.
Please be assured that these sessions NEVER involve any sales or solicitations.
Market researchers are only interested in discussing your thoughts, perceptions and opinions.
If you have any questions about participating in a focus group, please do not hesitate to contact Trend Research Inc. at